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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Taking a major trip down memory lane -- I remember back in high school, counting down the days to this games release. Having been a huge fan of "The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link" for the NES, and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past" for the SNES, I could not have been more hyped up for this next gen console Nintendo 64 game; that was until the day I saw the video game trailer for it in theaters! My mouth was dropped to the floor the entire time! I don't remember what movie I had watched that day, but it didn't matter. I had just bore witness to the best video game trailer I had ever seen in my entire life, and it STILL remains in my personal top 3 best video game trailers of all time! I was SO hyped up for this game!

I loved the trailer so much I downloaded it off IGN and played it endlessly! I know I have my own original copy from IGN somewhere on one of my backups of my old hard drives. I literally played this video on repeat a HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES on my then blazing fast Pentium II computer. I made it my personal screen saver, always playing on my computer when I wasn't using it; having it play while I did my homework and studied for my tests/exams. I just wish there existed a higher quality version of this original, like the one I saw in theaters and played on TV in shorter 30second form. There are a few fan remakes out there, and also an official Nintendo 3DS remake of this original. But something about this original trailer swells up great old school emotion within me.

I hereby present to you the ORIGINAL Nintendo 64 "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" video game trailer in all it's 320x240 resolution glory! 

And here's the only good remake of this trailer, which was made for the release of the Nintendo 3DS version of Ocarina of Time.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

The FT86 badged as the Scion FRS (in North America) and the Toyota GT86 (in the rest of the world) is the considered by Toyota to be the official successor to the Toyota TRUENO AE86. =) I once owned a Toyota AE86 hatchback. Having driven both the AE86 and the FT86, and I definitely feel the similarities. The FT86 lower center of gravity will allow you to push the car harder with minimal body roll. I have yet to really push the FT86, but I was lucky to have gotten to do donuts and drift it a bit during my test drive of the car. I just wish it was badged the Toyota GT86 here in North America as well. I'm guessing it's because since the discontinuing of the Toyota Supra (the last Toyota sports car), Toyota wants to keep the Toyota group a family-centered car line, and their Scion car line their primary focus for sporty cars, effectively separating the two. From a marketing standpoint, I suppose that makes sense -- the North American next generation will be thinking "Toyota = family vehicles" and "Scion = sporty vehicles."

One other thing to note is that this is a joint-venture vehicle between Subaru and Toyota. The engine is a horizontally-opposed boxer engine, but the overall spirit and feel is Toyota. Having owned both the Toyota AE86 and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, this car is the perfect lovechild for a possible next car of mine. That or Subaru's BRZ, which is the fraternal twin of the FR-S.

In any case, I'm glad Toyota is getting back into the sports car scene. As one of the major forerunners in the world of sporty cars, their lack of presence was definitely felt. Welcome back, Toyota!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Asperger's Syndrome

Having Asperger's Syndrome, I have always felt like I lived in a world where everyone else spoke a slightly different language than me. And because I subconsciously hid it so well by subconsciously mimicking others, it was always expected of me to be able to read body language, to understand social queues, and to know "the simple things" like the difference between sarcasm and seriousness, even though I could not. This created a lot of countless miscommunications and misunderstandings all throughout my life.

Unless I am directly taught by someone, I always had to learn accepted/expected social interactions through direct experience; Good and Bad. Mostly bad. And it was with applying what I have learned from one event to another event which often resulted in interactions deemed "inappropriate" or "rude" by social standards. How confusing it has been.

Social Interaction/Communication is such a simple yet complex art mostly everyone naturally grasps onto as they grow up. Something that I wish, I too, could take for granted and perform as easily & naturally as breathing.

Learning I had Asperger's Syndrome has explained a lot about my life and it's strange events, and after a couple of years of being "self aware," my only wish was that I had learned about it many years sooner, so that I would be a lot further along into understanding 'the art of social interaction and communication', and most of all, 'relationships' ... with family, friends, and significant others... ESPECIALLY significant others. And it brings tears to my eyes looking back at the extreme difficulty I had gone through, not because I did not love or was incapable of it, but because I was unable to communicate with it.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canadian Women's Hockey Team -- Vancouver 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Champions!

Canadian Women's Hockey Team 2010

Thursday, February 25th, 2010. Canada defeats the U.S.A., 2-0, during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games, making it the third Olympic Gold Medal win in a row for the Canadian Women's hockey team.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

TTC Woes

I had originally posted this on my Facebook, but there have been several requests to have me post this outside of Facebook so others can also read it.

Thursday night, January 21st, 2010. I was at Kipling station making my way back home, going east on the Bloor line, then North up the University line to Wilson Subway Station, as I normally do. After all my years of taking the subway, I was never really caught in TTC holdups where I was forced to have to take a shuttle bus to continue down the line. Now, I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have gone through that, and I suppose it was only a matter of time until I had to...

So, on my way up North up the University line, we get told to get off at Glencairn because the "train is no longer in service and will be heading back southbound." "Okay. Sure," I thought, "This is quite normal. The next train will come up and take us Northbound." And sure enough, it did.

We all got onto the next subway train that pulled up into the station and continued on North to the next station: Lawrence West. After that, it's just Yorkdale station and then Wilson station, which was where I was to get off.

But lo and behold, the dreaded voice came back onto the speaker system and announced that the train was no longer in service and will be heading back Southbound. "Oooookay," I thought. Everyone on the train got off and onto the Lawrence West subway station platform.

Now, is it just me or whenever an announcement regarding a technical-problem is made on the TTC speaker system, it's never loud enough to hear what the problem is and what the details are about the problem. o___o Tilting my head to get my ear pointed directly up at the speaker as much as possible, I was able to discern that there was a "switch problem" AT Wilson station (where my stop was) and that repair crews have been dispatched. Great.

After waiting on the Lawrence West platform for about 10 minutes, we hear another announcement saying that they do not know how long the problem is going to be, so shuttle buses will be taking commuters from Lawrence West Station up to Wilson Station and then Downsview Station. Now if you noticed that I didn't mention Yorkdale Station in there, good eye. There IS NO shuttle bus to Yorkdale station. What you would have to do is take the shuttle bus to Wilson, then take a bus back down south to Yorkdale. And what's terrible is that the TTC guys there didn't even tell the passengers any of this information. We had to figure this out on our own.

"Lawrence West Station."

A TTC worker confirmed what I thought I heard on the less than quiet announcement on the speaker system and told us to head upstairs to take the shuttle bus. So, the 200 or so of us on the subway platform, shuffled our way up the stairs and onto the bus platform. At this point, I was thinking that of all the years I've taken the subway and heard about shuttle buses helping stranded passengers continue moving along the subway line, I was finally one of them.

So, yet again, we all shuffle ourselves like cattle to a slaughter, back into the subway station, through the turnstiles, down the escalator, and as if on cue the subway train going North arrives on the platform. "Finally," I thought.

I thought too soon.

The all too familiar voice boomed back on the speaker system, "This train is no longer in service. Do not board this train. DO NOT BOARD THIS TRAIN! (Apparently someone went in as the announcement was being made. LoL.) This train is now going Southbound!" At this point, people were already yelling and swearing in frustration. The TTC lady on the subway stuck her head out the window and told us that there are shuttle buses up on the street that will take us up to Wilson and Downsview. "But, they wouldn't let us on the shuttle bus! They told us the subways are now running Northbound and to come down here
!" someone exclaimed. The TTC lady told us that they were not told that the way was clear to go North, and promptly went back southbound. The guy who yelled at her in frustration flashed his middle finger at her.

So, we all go back up the stairs to look for the shuttle bus. Yup, it's gone. The guy in the booth told us to back down because the subways should
be clearing "shortly". Jeebus.

Back down we go. After about another 15 minutes of waiting, a subway train shows up and we all get on. No announcement over speakers. Train doors close. Train heads Northbound. Sigh of relief. Awesome.

Train arrives at Yorkdale. One stop away from Wilson.

And, yup... You guessed it.

"This train is now out of service. Passengers please leave the train. It is now heading Southbound."


At this point, I'm actually laughing to myself. I figure anyone on the outside looking in at this situation would find the ridiculous continuous slew of predicaments rather funny. But as I took notice to the rest of the crowd around me, there was nothing but upset faces and angry chatter. I was afraid someone was going to snap any second.

I suppose me chuckling at the situation I was finding myself in also hit a few others, because I managed to crack a smile out of a few of them. Ten minutes go by and another subway pulls in going Northbound. An announcement states that the problem at Wilson station has been cleared and all subway trains have resumed back to normal operation. Thank goodness. It was already 12:30am and I just wanted to get home.

On the bus platform, when my bus pulled in and everyone there piled on, one of the commuters started ranting at the bus driver as the bus pulled out of the station. He was complaining about the bad TTC service and how no one was telling the passengers what was going on. The bus driver then slammed on the brakes and asked him, "Do you want to take another bus? ... Then sit down!" LoL, dry. o__o

I finally get home, and my plans to get some work done before getting picked up by my dad to take me to Brampton, were foiled. What should have been a mere 10-minute subway ride from Glencairn to Wilson, became an over 2 hour ordeal of shuffling around. =P

With all the confusion going on, no TTC worker was able to tell us exactly what was going on and what to do. No one really directed us exactly where to go and where to stand/wait for the shuttle bus. It also seemed that the lack of communication between the bus drivers and the subway operators were just as terrible -- the bus operators were saying that the subways were clear, and the subway operators were saying that they were not. And for crying out loud, if you're going to make an announcement about a problem with the subway line, make it loud enough for us to hear! Gosh Dangit! We're on a noisy subway train!

Well, after experiencing all of that, and with the above statement I had just made, it has occurred to me that the TTC raised their prices and yet their service has not improved at all.

Just my two cents.

/end rant


P.S.: Who here is tired of Yonge Station looking the way it is right now? Like HOW LONG have the walls of some of the columns looked like that? Seriously, where are all the commuters' money going?? When is the TTC going to own up to their problems and fix them??

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

James Cameron's "Avatar"

Hello everyone (well, my ten or so followers). I know I haven't been creating blog posts like I thought I would. Even with many different reasons to post, I still wasn't finding myself posting anything here.

But that all changed with this one thing, that has gotten me so pumped up and excited for, that there was no way I was not going to post this up -- The latest trailer for James Cameron's movie, "Avatar"! You can sign up to be notified the moment it hits DVD here or on Blu-ray here.

James Cameron is one of my favourite directors. He has made some of my favourite movies like Terminator 2 and True Lies. I remember watching T2 over and over again as I grew up. I'm not sure why, but I just loved everything about that movie. I felt as if it was one of the few movies that has influenced my methods of creating action and suspenseful scenes. I sure hope that influence reflects especially within my upcoming big project, "Temporal Guardian".

After making the highest-grossing movie of all time, "Titanic", Cameron went on a 12-year hiatus developing this movie and the new 3D technology to go with it. He even said he was waiting for "technology to improve" before making this movie, and through years of determination and extreme patience, he has attained a new 3D technology which was invented especially to make this movie a reality. The problem is that this new 3D technology requires new projection equipment in theatres to be installed. Right now, they're on a blitz to have as many theatres ready for the Avatar release date on December 18th, 2009.

Cameron also hopes that other film-makers will eventually adopt his new 3D-technology in creating future films. I can't wait to experience it, and I hope D-Box will be quick to jump on this movie as well, to complete the immersive experience!

After seeing the first Avatar teaser, I was a bit unsure of Cameron's return to film-making.. but with this new and latest trailer, all doubts have been eliminated. This trailer has really gotten me pumped for his new movie. If I can sum up the following trailer in two words, it would be this:

"Absolutely BREATHTAKING!"

Written and Directed by James Cameron, Avatar has me incredibly stoked! Enjoy!

- The Temporal Guardian -

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mikey TV - Episode One: "The Memories of A Superhero"

Well, the first episode of Mikey TV is out!!! =) It's the first episode following the life of my cousin, singer and song writer, Mikey Bustos. =) Well, the episode has been out for almost a week now, actually. =P

This episode took a while for me to make because it was such a long interview and I had to cut it down to 10 minutes to fit on YouTube, and also had to include pictures and video clips to keep it interesting to watch (and to prove that what he claims was true). I showed it to my family today, and they freaked out at how many famous people he's actually met in the Philippines (I didn't realize just how famous until my family watched the episode). I guess they now know who's famous in the Philippines because they recently bought the Philippine Channel on Rogers cable TV. LoL. =)

This logo I spent quite a bit of time designing. It may look simple, but I've applied the "Golden Ratio" (1.618) to the design in so many ways (from the height between the "M" and the "ikey", to the distance between the "Mikey" and "TV", to the ratio of white to blue, etc.). If you don't know what the Golden Ratio is, look it up. =) You'll find something very interesting with that ratio. =)

But yeah, this is the first installment of Mikey TV. The episode name is a play on words, as it plays on the title of his latest album "Memoirs of A Superhero". You can download his album here. My family thought the title of the episode was a mistake. Haha. It's because the episode is a look back at the last 6 years (hence, "Memories") of what my cousin has accomplished so far. =)

I'm glad to be a part of all of this, and so happy to see my cousin achieving all of his dreams. =) We grew up together and I've always known him to be such a creative and intellectual individual. I'm very proud of him! =)

The video is also embedded on a website, which is still under construction -- www.MikeyTV.com.

Oh, and for some reason, on YouTube the counter is stuck at 301 views. Very strange. Apparently a common glitch. I hope they find a workaround soon...

Anyway, now for the episode of Mikey TV. Don't forget to rate, comment, favourite, subscribe, etc... (if you want to) =) Thanks, and enjoy! =]

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